Meet Ellen - Elle - Ellanora - Nora...
Twentysomething Fashion & Beauty Lover and Wedding Obbsessive!

International Fashion Marketing Student at Manchester Metropolitan University
Fashion Marketing & Events Planner in the North
Obsessed with fashion, cupcakes, photography, beauty, magazines, design, celebrity, gossip, travel, music, weddings, drinking & dining and my guilty pleasure crappy american TV.

This blog is just my little corner of the internet, I live and breath fashion so Hand Drawn Heart is my creative outlet where I can communicate with like minded people about what we love! 

Since getting married in May 2015 my blogging mojo has returned and my blog has evolved to cover my lastest obbession of weddings & events.

The name? 
My first tattoo was a hand drawn heart on my inner right wrist, its delicate, girly and pretty everything I wanted my blog to be.

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